Do what you got to do

I printed a big picture of a place, a place full of lights, colors, motion, energy, full of life.
I dream & think about it all the time, i want to be there so bad, i want to scream in the middle of the street YATTA! like “Hiro Nakamura” did.
I printed this picture so i can see it more often & see how fascinating this place is , so i won’t give up.
i did sacrifices & i am ready to do more just to get out of here & be there.
It’s seems that it’s kind of impossible to do such a huge jump but who knows? I’m doing my best anyway.
But the question is what if i don’t make it? Am i going to accept it, get over it & live with it?.
On some level i think that it doesn’t really matter if i will make or not.
The point is that you have to keep your eyes on your aim, create a vision board or motivational posters, just keep whatever boosts you up a front of you.
There are 5 stages of grief (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance) if you get stuck in one stage or the other, there will be no healing & you well be blaming your self your entire life, a person must go through the five stages to be well and maybe start over again.
All i am saying is that you have to work hard & do the best thing you could, Maybe you won’t succeed but at least you will overcome your failure by telling yourself that failure is a natural part of life & believing the fact that you have tried everything you could this time & you will work even harder next time.

Times Square.

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